The objectives and philosophy of ZAK S.A.

At the focal point of ZAK’s philosophy is the constant evolution and the right service to our customers.

ICAP Certificate 2010

In order to optimize our operations, we have created modern infrastructure and we closely monitor developments in the Greek and international markets in order to supply our customers with the best commodity each season.

Using as a guideline the experience of the oldest and embracing the views of our younger members, we aspire to maintain and improve our position in the market and in the coming decades.

We are trying to showcase the Greek market through cooperation with selected suppliers and at the same time we extend our imports every year, judging that this combination works to the benefit of our customers.

We take part in large exhibitions and run our own exhibitions in hotels of smaller cities to better serve our local customers.

It will be our pleasure to discuss with you all the above, as well as to welcome you to our facilities!




Mr. G. Athanasiadis retired and his son A. Athanasiadis took his place, while the reins of the company were taken over by M. Zambetakis from the position of Managing Director.

The construction of the new facilities took place on a plot of 12 acres in the area of Sindos, with a total warehouse area of 2,500 sq.m. as well as offices, showrooms and auxiliary areas totaling 600 sq. m.

The relocation operations were completed in 2008 and on 31 December 2008 our new facilities were inaugurated.

In 2012, the position of Managing Director was undertaken by S. Zambetakis, son of M. Zambetakis and became a dynamic opening to new markets.

The history of ZAK continues and is characterized by constant progress and evolution.


Structure of the Company


The company, in addition to shareholders-employees, has 18 staff members, with two vendors in Athens and one in Cyprus.

ZAK has seven vehicles, while the warehouse operates on an electronic management system.

The provision of high quality services to our Company was awarded with the ISO 9001 certificate. The re-evaluation is done on an annual basis. The organization and auditor is TUV Hellas.